Van Air MDV400 Automatic Drain Valve for Compressed Air

Here is the new video for our line of Van Air MDV400 Automatic Ball Drain Valves. The video goes into detail regarding the differences between the MD400I and MDV400L models and how to adjust the timer. It also demonstrates installation of the ball valve onto the bottom of a single tower compressed air dryer.

Purchase the MDV400 Ball Valve Drain Valve online at a competitive price.

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Eaton Model 72 Simplex Basket Strainer – Shop Online

Our sister e-commerce site, the Strainer Store, currently features the Eaton Model 72 Strainer. The Eaton Model 72 Strainer has been the industry standard simplex basket strainer for over 70 years. A few of the reasons for its popularity:

  1. Very large basket capacity not found with other simplex basket strainers.
  2. The Free Strainer Area is at least 6 times the cross-sectional pipe area.
  3. No tools are required to open the strainer basket cover.
  4. The quick-open swing yoke can be disassembled and the basket removed in seconds.

Eaton Model 72 Strainers are heavy duty simplex basket strainers. From the heavy wall thickness to the precision machined basket seats, each strainer is hydro-statically tested at 150% of its maximum rated pressure which helps make the Eaton Model 72 Strainer a high quality, heavy duty strainer that will stand up to the most demanding of applications. There is no better simplex basket strainer made.

Shop online for Eaton Model 72 Threaded NPT Strainers or Eaton Model 72 Flanged Strainers at 30% OFF List Price!

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Filter Element Additions Coming Soon

Industrial Filter ElementFilter Elements, Air Intake Filter Elements, Panel Filter Elements, Compressed Air Filter Elements, Coalescing Filter Elements… we offer thousands of them, but expect many thousands more in the future.

We offer so many filter elements and filter cartridges that it makes it very difficult to list every single filter element part number. But we are trying every day… and soon THE Industrial Filter Store and its’ sister ecommerce sites will hopefully offer every single filter element you need.

Can’t find the exact filter element or filter cartridge part number you’re looking for? Call us at 800-551-0774 or Contact Us.

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Compressed Air Filter Housings in Cast Aluminum

Compressed Air Filter HousingCompressed Air Filter Housings manufactured with cast aluminum are an inexpensive solution for typical filtration applications that do not require sanitary or other special requirements.

All Van Air F200 Series filter housings are cast aluminum and coated with an epoxy powder coating to resist corrosion. The filter also includes a pop-up differential indicator as standard, which is used as a visual indicator to indicate when the filter element needs to be changed. With 14 housing sizes, 9 types of filtration grades, and a maximum working pressure of 250 PSIG at 225° F, the Van Air F200 Series filters will handle many filtration applications.

The F200 cast aluminum filter housing is equipped with a manual ball drain valve, but an automatic drain valve can be supplied in addition to other differential pressure indicators, connector kits and wall mounting kits.

Shop for Van Air F200 Aluminum Compressed Air Filter Housings

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How to Regenerate Activated Alumina?

Activated Alumina RegenerationAnother activated alumina desiccant question from our 800 Compressed Air Hotline. A manufacturer in Thailand called us because they had severe moisture problems and now his activated alumina desiccant is filled with moisture. “How do I regenerate this activated alumina desiccant?”, asked the engineer.

Activated alumina desiccant is typically regenerated by your compressed air dryer. A heatless or heated compressed air dryer uses hot air or gas to regenerate the activated alumina. The heat removes the small water vapors and droplets that are trapped inside the tiny holes of the activated alumina. For very small applications, we have even heard of customers baking their desiccant in an oven at around 300 to 400 F to regenerate the desiccant.

Unfortunately for our friend in Thailand, his activated alumina desiccant may have seen too much moisture too quickly and is saturated beyond regeneration repair. He can try purging the desiccant a few more times with the air dryer, but if moisture is still appearing downstream of the compressed air dryer, it’s probably time to replace the permanently saturated desiccant and buy new activated alumina.

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When Do You Change Activated Alumina Desiccant?

When to Change Activated Alumina Desiccant“How do I know when to change my Activated Alumina?”, asked Dave from North Carolina. “Can I spit on it and tell?”

This is a common question, well not the spitting part, and Dave isn’t alone in trying to figure out if his activated alumina desiccant is still “working.” He just called our 800 number and I figured this was a good time to answer the “when to change desiccant” question for everyone.

Unlike other desiccants like silica gel which can change colors to indicate it can no longer be regenerated, there’s not a good way to test activated alumina desiccant. The most common method used in industry is if there is moisture starting to appear downstream, it’s probably time to change the desiccant.

However, with critical compressed air drying applications that require -40° dew point, manufacturers cannot take that risk. They use moisture indicator sensors and alarms to alert them when the dew point has gone outside of the desired range. For compressed air dryer applications that only require 0° dew point, a simple moisture indicator that changes in color can be used.

Activated Alumina desiccant is typically good for three to five years before it needs to be replaced. It depends on many factors including air flow, temperature, hours used, cycle time, required dew point, etc. If your Activated Alumina desiccant has become discolored and is no longer white or off-white, you may have a faulty or clogged pre-filter, or it could also be an indication that your Activated Alumina needs replaced.

Do you have a question like this? We might have an answer. Call us at 800-551-0774 or contact us with your compressed air drying questions.

(If you don’t know how long it’s been, you should just Buy Activated Alumina Desiccant.)

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Eaton MODULINE Bag Filter Housings Save Space for Multi-Bag Projects

Eaton Moduline Bag Filter VesselEaton MODULINE™ bag filter housing system incorporates three or more single bag filter housings into one compact and efficient bag filter system. The Eaton MODULINE bag filter housings can be equipped with Eaton Flowline™ bag filter housings for coarse filtration, the Eaton Sideline™ filter housings for a wider range of applications or the top of the line Topline™ bag filter housings.

Eaton MODULINE bag filters are a compact design that can be easily upgraded with additional filter housings and extra banks to improve your filtration process.

The multi-vessel bag filter arrangement is designed for continuous flow rates. Each Eaton filter bag housing is individually valved and can be taken off-line in sequence for bag filter changeouts without having to take the complete bank of bag filter vessels off line.

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New Eaton Flowline II Bag Filter Housing – Low Cost & High Performance

Eaon Flowline 2 Filter Bag VesselThe new Eaton Flowline II bag filter housings are designed for competitive costs and high performance.  Eaton Flowline II bag filter vessel has a four bolt cover that doesn’t require tools, which provides safe and positive sealing and the design prevents spills during bag filter changeover. The Flowline II bag filter vessel’s unique basket to body design provides a no bypass internal seal for solid operation.

The Eaton Flowline II is available in Carbon Steel, Type 304 Stainless Steel and Type 316 Stainless Steel in both standard #1 and #2 filter bag vessel sizes.  Available inlet and outlet connections are 2” NPT and 2” Flanged. The #2 size unit is also available with 3” Flanges in three configurations, side in/side out, loop, and side in/bottom out.  All Eaton Flowline II bag filter vessels are rated for service at 150psi at 250F and are supplied complete with adjustable legs.

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New Splash Guard for Eaton Flowline Bag Filter Housings

Eaton has announced the introduction of its new patent pending Splash Guard safety accessory, which provides additional protection from liquid splash conditions in industrial environments. Engineered to fit on its FLOWLINE™ and FLOWLINE II™ single bag filter vessels, this new safety accessory is made from impact resistant, UV protective polymer making it ideal for harsh industrial environments.

“The Splash Guard product reflects Eaton’s commitment to providing products that help protect associates in industrial settings against unforeseen accidental events,” said Rick Jacobs, president of Eaton’s Filtration business. “We hope you will join with us in taking extra precautions in protecting employees.”Splash Guard for Eaton Flowline Bag Filter HousingDesigned with operator safety in mind, the Eaton Splash Guard is secured to the bag filter housing vessel lid. This design helps protect operators from unexpected pressurized spray and discharge, reduces operator exposure to potentially hazardous material, and provides additional eye and face protection. Available from Industrial Filter Store, the Splash Guard will fit on new and existing Eaton Flowline bag filter housings. It is easy to install and does not interfere with bag change outs.

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How to Clean Industrial Filter Elements

How to clean industrial Filter ElementMany industrial filter elements can be cleaned and re-used. It is important to confirm if your filter elements are the type that can be cleaned. Coalescing filter elements, high efficiency filter elements and filters with special filtration media typically cannot be cleaned.

A dirty filter cartridge must be cleaned when the pressure drop causes a noticable loss of air flow. Actual operating experience will tell you what the interval between servicings should be, based on the type and amount of dirt in the air being filtered. A pressure drop indicator can be used to signal when the filter elements need to be cleaned.

Once you’ve established your maintenance schedule for cleaning filter elements, choose one of the following three easy ways to clean:

Filter Cleaning by HAND
Remove the cartridge filter from the housing and hold it vertically with one hand, move the other hand across the fins in a strumming motion. This light snapping action will dislodge most of the dirt. The filter cartridge is then ready to be used.

Filter Cleaning by COMPRESSED AIR
Blowing off dirt with compressed air restores the cartridge to it’s original condition. Using about 100 psi, blow off the inside of the filter element, directing as much of the air flow as possible torward the inside of the radial fins. Next, blow off the outside of the filter cartridge, directing the air flow down the fins to avoid embedding dirt particles in the felt. Finally, blow off the inside again to remove any dirt that might be on the clean side of the filter element.

Filter Cleaning by WASHING
When you’ve cleaned the filter element several times by hand or compressed air, you can restore it to like-new condition by washing or soaking it in soap or detergent and water. After rinsing, remove excess moisture by using compressed air as in the above method.

CAUTION: If you wash the filter element, do not try to dry it by oven-baking or exposing to intense heat. Never use gasoline, kerosene, alcohol or any other solvent, as these will permanently damage the plastic end seals.

Not sure if your filter element can be cleaned? We can tell you, and if not we have recovery services available. Don’t take a chance, just call us at 888-551-0774 or contact us for filter element help.

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